At the Fish Markets.

I was out taking some photos today at Sydney Fish Markets.

Here are some of the colour ones I took.


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3 responses to “At the Fish Markets.

  1. Anne-Marie

    Hi Dave, I love these photos from the Fish Market. Beauty really is in the eye of beholder! I can’t say that I’ve ever felt that inspired when at the fish market, I have this thing about fish (not a big fan); and the birds wrestling one another to aim at our lunch reminiscent of Alfred Hitcock film! My favourites are 9015-2; 9010 and those pesky little feathered friends that stalk my nightmares, 9020. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • I was there with a camera group. Also took some black and white hand photos for an assessment. Im going to can them fish fingers. Lol they are on film thiugh so have to wait till tuesday to process them

  2. Love the eclectic nature of your series, it really makes you stop to look at each one and savoir the details.

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