Peer Review: Manizha Lalee

Even though this blog is not part of Visionary Imagination, Manizha is a student at ACU and deserves our encouragement for her well written blog.

Please read Manizha’s blog and comment as I have done.

I adored looking at clouds, both as a child and as an adult caring for children. It can be a special bonding time between adult and child.

Here is a story I wrote about that.

Of course, we do need to “Grow Up”, Peter Pan is just a story. We become responsible not only for our own lives but lives of those around us, ones we love and children of our own. But we always need to remember the reason we are working. We work so we can enjoy leisure time without having to worry about whether we have enough money to survive. The trick is work/life balance. I have found that if we live simply, sometimes we don’t need to work full time. You are able to take time off to smell the roses, or look for animals in the clouds.

My father, who was an aeronautical engineer, brought a heater home when I was a child. I asked where he got it from. He told me that they parked the helicopter on a cloud and it was just sitting there so he brought it home. He really was a funny man, even if I didn’t appreciate his humour until I had grown up myself. I took his word as truth, on this occasion and many more; only to find out years later, that he was just joking.

My father has passed away now, and sometimes I even look to the clouds and imagine him up there. You often don’t know what you will miss until it is gone.



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3 responses to “Peer Review: Manizha Lalee

  1. This is a beautiful blog entry Dave. I love the quality of your interest and care for your fellow students and was moved by the stories of your dad. It may be a simple blog post but it can really affect lives. Good on you. Take care.

  2. Wonderful post, so much to think about.

  3. Thank you David for your thoughtful response to Manizah’s entry. You raise a number of important issues about responsibility. Great work. One suggestion: when you do comment on a peer’s work then when possible make a suggestion for improvement. This can be done ever so gently!

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