William Blake, Prophet, visionary, anarchist


William Blake was a prophet, poet and artist who lived from 1757 to 1827. He had visions of Angels, Heaven, God and the whole spiritual realm from an early age. He implored people to look beyond what they can see with the natural eye. He asked people to see through the eye, from the soul of your being into the soul of others.

Blake had revelations and visions of how life ought to be. He was not content with the status quo and sought to change some injustices in the world and illuminate that which was hidden to the natural eye.

Many regarded him as strange, but others illuminated. in his book of poems entitled Songs of Innocence, there is reflected a carefree innocence. The songs or poems themselves being written in a naive or childlike manner, with simple rhymes and simple ideas. Such is the world of children or innocence. He also penned a book entitled Songs of Innocence and Experience, where we can see in contrast, not the carefree world which was expressed in his earlier book, but one with darkness, conflicted by worry. A world where the opinions of others mattered more dearly than the freedom of self.

Sad, isn’t it, how we lose our innocence and start to care how we compare with the social norm. There are whole industries that deal with changing peoples looks and attitudes to comply with what is right and good with society.

I think we can learn from Blake and follow our passions no matter what society thinks. I think that if more people were not so reliant on the almighty dollar we would feel freer to be ourselves.






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2 responses to “William Blake, Prophet, visionary, anarchist

  1. Very important points. Well said and very well written.

  2. Your entries on Blake are extraordinarily detailed and rich in content David and your writing is very fluent and well formed. Outstanding!

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