Winter in Sydney

Its been so cold in Winter this year in Sydney. Not that other winters haven’t been so as equally cold, but this weather just came upon us. One day 27 degrees, the next 13. it gets down to about 6 degrees in Sydney. Now for those of you from cooler climates this is not terribly cold at all. But we are a warm blooded race, us Sydneysiders, more used to a tank top (singlet) shorts (stubbies) and flip-flops (thongs) than wrapping up in out warm woolies. Consequently I have succumbed to the latest bout of virus, sinus colds. I have been in bed for a week, not able to look at a screen or book as my sinuses make my eyes water. Even though I am on Semester break for Uni, I am yet to have the joy to experience a full day off where I can just relax. I have only been out a couple of times with my camera, I have not gotten out a canvas and brushes all winter, I hope to do so in the next couple of weeks.

These shots were taken when I absolutely had to be out in the cold evening the other week. The winder sky at Dusk in Sydney is spectacular, and going into the night leads itself tyo some good black and whites.

I hope you enjoy just a small smattering of photos for now. More to come, I promise.


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  1. Actually I think it’s been a pretty warm winter. Reminds me of Queensland winters as a kid.

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