Hard time


dogs“What are you in for?”

“Destruction of property, you?”

“Assault. Bit the postman.”

“Not so bad here, we get fed and have a yard to run round in.”

“No one to love though, I miss Jude coming through the gate after school, he is so happy to see me after school.”

“Yeah, I get it. These guys don’t even know our names, it’s just, ‘Hey Boy, come on’. Don’t they even look? Duh dude, I’m a girl! I mean just because I haven’t had my nails done or hair brushed doesn’t mean I have turned male.”

“I got an escape planned, you in?”


“Started a hole under the fence there.”

“I’m in, but if we get caught, you know it could be solitary right.”

“It’s worth the risk. Come now though, its dinnertime, got to keep our strength up.”

“Right behind you Duke.”


word count 144

flash fiction





Filed under short stories

3 responses to “Hard time

  1. Hahaha! Prison for dogs! That’s actually reality for many dogs (those in the animal shelters). Which is very sad. LOL! They are going to dinner to get the strength to break out. Cute story!

  2. Great story and well written.

  3. michael1148humphris

    I like the voice of this piece,

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