“Whatcha doin dad?”

“Putting up more barbed wire, 5 sheep went missing last night. I don’t know whats happening but this should do the trick”.

“Can I help ya?”

Sure, get your gloves on, then hop up here and hold the wire while I tie it off.

Father and son worked together all afternoon until the barbed wire went right across the top of the fenceline.

After getting drinks from the Missus, Bob needed to go pee.

“I think I have to find a new way of going to sleep mum, counting sheep is gonna get me into trouble”.

Word Count 99 words.

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Filed under short stories

4 responses to “Missing

  1. Sounds like a minor case of insomnia… zzz maybe counting ants would work,

  2. Well you really brought that to life! 😉

  3. A wonderful beginning, love the mental images you created.

  4. Helena Fox Dunan

    Fantastic ending! I love how so much of the story is told in dialogue—it created a lovely feeling of closeness to the characters. Especially that last line—a great twist.

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