Good for nothing hippies?

If the Wordsworths and Coleridge and co were to live during the 1960’s they would have been called good for nothing hippies.
They sought to leave organised industrial society, throwing away books, and relying on nature to be their teachers.
They grew their own food, were not opposed to getting high and lived in a sort of Utopian commune.
The hippies of the 60’s thought they were unique. The hippies thought that they were the first to think that “love is all you need”. Had they indeed picked up the books in the university library, they would have discovered that it was done before….130 years before.

I think the answer my friend is not blowing in the wind but is in balancing work and play. To admit that yes, one needs to work in order to earn enough money for play time; but not be governed by work so much as you are a slave to it.

One must follow interests and embrace the arts as much as one would like but at the same time, contribute to the society that allows one to follow ones dreams.

How many written works during the 60’s were just thrown out as drug induced ravings?

I would love to gather hippy writings in one place to see if we can find wisdom and genius in it as was found in the works of Wordsworth and others of the romantic period.

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  1. A good commentary, Dave, and well balanced. The one thing I would add is that it is possible to actually be engaged in work through which you find fulfillment, creative expression and satisfaction. Not many people do, but it is possible, and does happen.

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