Rumours: Friday Fictioneers.


photo by J. Hardy Carroll

There were stories of ghosts in the old brewery. And they are true. Men who used to work there, who had fallen into the hops, suicides and murders. There was painting inside, done with blood it looked. Of stars like you see in horror movies, with candles. Some nights you can see lights inside. They dared me. I didn’t want to go in.

“You’ll be alright,” they said. “You can join our gang if you do.”

They hid behind the naked trees.

They never came to help when they heard me screaming.

Now it’s me they tell stories about.


Genre: Horror. Word Count 99


Filed under short stories

17 responses to “Rumours: Friday Fictioneers.

  1. I’m a big fan of hops, so I was hooked from there

  2. Oh no, I really get frustrated when this happens to an innocent child.
    Great story, it definitely touched a nerve.

  3. Ashley Danielle

    LOVE IT! Okay, I am very sad of how it turned out for her. I am also angry at the gang members. But how you twisted was perfect. I can’t picture it having any other ending.

    • Hmm you assumed it was a girl? Interesting.

      • Ashley Danielle

        You know in my head since it didn’t say a gender and it was in the first person, I tend to apply myself to the characters. I felt as if it was me walking into that building. Unless I missed a clue to the gender roles.

  4. IfeomaO

    Reaffirms how cruel the world can be, I hope this story makes your character a legend though 🙂 well done.

  5. Alas… this happens. Never a great expectation in those old breweries….

  6. Just a evil place it seems, it’s time to pull it down. But keep the legend? well written.

  7. Evil reeks like the smell of stale beer. horrifying, but well told

  8. mickwynn2013

    Well done piece. Scary and full of evil

  9. Classic take on horror, nicely done.

  10. gahlearner

    The protagonist may yet have his or her revenge when one of the gang go in there. Great horror story.

  11. Nice. Excellent twist. The last line is perfect.

  12. Oh wow…that was pretty good 🙂

  13. Prank turned sour…you’ve gotta love an abandon building prompt! Well done!

  14. Fantastic! I’m a huge fan of horror, love the twist and I hope he scares them for many years to come!
    Heidi 🙂

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