Flora of North Sydney

Sawmillers reserve has a wonderful array of native plant-life. IMG_6173

This lovely yellow inflorescence looks like an orchid, however, the size makes me doubt. The flowers and leaves are arranged as one would expect an orchid to be, but the inflorescence is easily the size of two adult hands. Stunning.


With my legs, this is as close to bushwalking that I get these days. Toward the end of the track, there was in fact an unsealed section, which, for a moment had me wanting to throw on a khaki safari suit, and take the water flask from my hip… not really though. It was nice to be amond the gums.


The photo does not do the berry, or the little blue flower justice, I’m afraid. The berry itself was a bright but deep blue, possibly Elaeocarpus reticulatus, while the flower, looking like a wild Lobelia, was a lighter blue, but not as washed out as my poor photography skills would have you believe.

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