Tinkling the ivories and shedding tears


The harpsichord stood against the wall next to his old music-box. It is just as grandpa left it, ready to play his favorite music.

The instrument would stand quiet now, with his passing. I was caught in a daydream of reminiscing, as people in black suits and sensible dresses murmured over tea and fruitcake.

Out of the noisy throng of children playing outside, a little boy wandered in. He climbed onto the stool and began to play. We all watched in awe as this small child brought the keys to life. The music would not be silenced.

97 words

Friday Fictioneers.

This is the first time I have had an opportunity to participate this year. Looking forward to doing more.




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13 responses to “Tinkling the ivories and shedding tears

  1. allgirl2016

    awesome check out mine

  2. Love that last line. Very well done

  3. That’s a lovely ending to a somber occasion.

  4. A young person to take over where Grandpa left off, what a wonderful thought!

  5. Dear Dave,

    A very sweet story. I enjoyed it.



  6. That’s a lovely scene.

  7. This is just wonderful… I so remember my grandparent’s Steinway… we had to sell it to someone who really knew how to play… a great heritage, pass the music on.

  8. Such sweet music the occasion brings. However sombre it may be.
    I enjoyed your story.

  9. gahlearner

    This is beautiful and full of hope, despite the sad occasion.

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