Ambulance Station Marrickville NSW

I’ve had my eye on this building for a while as one to potentially paint or sketch. When I had the option of doing an urban landscape for my final work, I decided to paint this building.

I started by taking photos of it from various angles and deciding the best angle then selected the one I wanted to paint.

The painting started by painting the undercoat or base colours, then i started to layer. I did large open brush strokes on the sky, layering dark, then overlaying with lighter to white.

I looked at Tom Carment for inspiration on how to paint with open strokes, being not exact in large areas, He also paints signs by just giving the basics of letters rather than trying to paint the whole thing and coming out with a mess.

There was a lot of detail in the graffiti and signs. I wanted to paint the graffiti as close to true as I could, to help keep the original street artists work.

I’m quite happy with the results.

Hope you like it


IMG_492420151014_134532 20151016_162248-120151023_164155-1

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