Peer review, Ben Carroll Shooting an Elephant.

Ben, when a person is given power over people, he also inherits responsibility for their well being. He can choose to mistreat those under him, or to care for them. If the leader is like the tyrannical oppressors of India, as the English were, the institution of government as a whole did not really care for the individuals under their care. This particular policeman, however, had some concerns not only to save the face of the colonialists, but for the well being of the elephant owner. He then had a burden, or was “trapped” in his freedom; under moral obligation to care for those he was oppressing.
Ok, in the end I admit, he killed the elephant to save face and to keep the oppressors in their position of power, but I think it unwise to assume that just because a regime is oppressive, that those who work for the regime are also oppressive in nature.


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