Journeys, and world war 1

This semester in 20th Century Literature, we are talking about journeys into the unknown; Metaphorical journeys as well as real ones. We are also looking at World War 1, The poets, and the literature surrounding it.

World War 1 seems to be a pivotal point in History, as well as in Literature. With my limited knowledge, I would say that the 19th Century was more focused on Romanticism, telling each other that the world was wonderful. A lot of Australian literature had the bush humour, a sense of naughtiness, fun and quiet patriotism; sort of this is who we are to be Aussies, we are proud of it, but still have a sense of humility, of finding our way.

As a creative writer, I have written some short stories, fiction, poetry perhaps on the themes of the journey, as well as World War 1. I have attached the links to a couple below, in case you want to read.

This one is a modern war story; think Apocalypse Now


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2 responses to “Journeys, and world war 1

  1. Hi Dave. I loved your short story on Lavender lives forever. You really have a talent for creative writing pieces, and I really admire this ability. I have not yet mastered the technique of creative writing but I hope to do so with more experience. I like how in this story, the simplicity of something like lavender becomes something with such meaning so that it does actually last forever. Also as we have been discussing the journeys experienced in war, you have illustrated how a soldier is seeing the beauty of life during a war period and how life through the eyes of a child has such a powerful meaning. Keep up the good work đŸ™‚

  2. You are an amazingly fertile creator David…. it is just pouring out of you! Awesome!! Where will all this lead. Wonderful!
    Just one small typo here:
    sort of this is who we are to be Aussies, = I am not quite sure what you are trying to say here. Perhaps something like (I feel you might have slipped into some kind of “Strine” shortcut here??:

    . This is perhaps indicating who we are to be Aussies……

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