Storm clouds.

This afternoon I decided to go and sit in the bush to read my text for uni tomorrow.  Away from distractions and chores that encourage me to procrastinate at home.
All was going well till I could hear the wind whipping up through the trees. I looked up to see some very low cloud swirling around in the sky. It was amazing to see how low the clouds were…or was it that i was at a higher point than i normally am when storm clouds are brewing.
Within minutes the low clouds blew overhead making way for rain filled higher clouds. I decided to close my book and quickly walk home before i got soaked.
Thought you would enjoy these photos i took of the storm clouds brewing.
Oh, the saying is true…There is calm before the storm. Everything was very still before the wind started.







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4 responses to “Storm clouds.

  1. Wow Dave: your images of the storm are awesome. The bush certainly looked calm before those massive clouds hit. I look forward to having that cup of coffee with you some time soon…. if you are around today (Monday) we could meet sometime after 3pm today… let me know.

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