A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Pots

IMG_1291 IMG_1294

When I saw Dawn had posted these kinds of pots, I got inspired. These were designed and painted and put on display outside Customs House in Sydney to bring to light the plight of some of our worlds poor. There were donation buckets set up and any money raised was used to provide adequate sanitation and fresh drinking water to villages in third world countries. Each person who donated received a roll of toilet paper. The wrapper of which was designed by a famous designer, and also promoted safe drinking water


This is a picture of George. He is one of two dogs who live among the pots in my back yard. Poor George is about 18 years old, blind. almost deaf, a bit simple, and has lost most of his coat. He also has no bottom jaw and hardly any teeth in the top. But he lives an easy life here. We try not to move the pots around too much lest he get lost and bump into them.


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