Friday Fictioneers: A Sign of things to come

Kyle got off the greyhound bus. Chicago. Not where he thought he would be at 17. The lowlife of a stepfather had beat him and swore that if he ever came near the house again, he would regret it.

Kyle had called his mother at work in tears after leaving his home.

“Why did you have to marry that asshole?”

” He loves me honey, and besides he is good with your sister.”

“He is a homophobic moron who will never change. Goodbye Mom”.

Kyle looked up at the sign. He thought of his new life adventure and that’s what he vowed to do. BEGIN.



Filed under short stories

3 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: A Sign of things to come

  1. Poor Kyle. Hope he finds the acceptance he needs in Chicago.

  2. Hey Dave, you stole my title! lol
    You can keep it this week but next week you are going to need to come up with your own!
    Have you singed up to receive the weekly email @ ?

    • Oh sorry. As you said. ..I am a bit confused. I will go to the right address next week and go from there… I thought your title was the challenge title. Can change

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