My hope with this post that some people may become aware how debilitating Depression and Anxiety can be. This is my personal story.If you need to know more, please look at this link that my good friend sent me.

Some of you may know that I suffer from Depression/ Anxiety. It is normally well controlled by LOVAN, which is a life saver. I still have days which are worse than others but I can function.

On Christmas Eve I ran out of LOVAN and didn’t have another script where I could just go to the chemist and all will be good.

Christmas day was a good day. I still had enough of the drug in my system to keep doing its job. I had a great day with some close friends at a picnic before Sam and I went for a drive around Palm Beach in Sydney… such a lovely drive.

Boxing day I was a little down but not too bad. It was a quiet day for me, just spent watching the cricket on TV and then I went to the park to draw.

Yesterday was a nightmare. I woke in the morning very very depressed. I did manage to get up for breakfast, and then again for some sandwiches at lunch time. it was then that I decided to take one of my old antidepressants. Although it is now not prescribed to me, it still was effective to lessen the effects of the depression, enough so I could function and do some work on my blog and other things I had to do.

This morning I was able to secure an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow morning and again took another of my old tablets. These do not have the anti-anxiety effects of my new tablet. It got me moving, but do you know how many things that you can imagine can go wrong just in a trip to the post office?

I got anxious about the drive, my clothing, the parcels that I had to address and send, the price of them, parking, the mechanics of the car etc etc.

I get anxious about money, relationships, even the weather.

I managed to get to the post office and home in without incident though. It just goes to prove that my anxiety has no foundation and is not normal. When I think I am going OK and do not need my medication, let me look back on this post to remind me what happens when I don’t take it.

Sam just called to take me to lunch. That is something that definitely helps lift the cloud. Life goes on.




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3 responses to “Debilitating

  1. Sounds all too familiar…

  2. Take care Dave ~ and wish you a beautiful weekend (and year!). Thanks for the insight ~

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