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Wonderful piece of research and writing. add tags gay, marriage, love, to the one of gay marriage that you have already used and you will reach more people.
Did you know that this year, in order for straight people to be able to have civil unions in Britain, that all civil unions in Britain will convert to a Marriage, with the date of the marriage coming into effect on the date that the civil union between 2 people was made. I only found this out on Saturday at a luncheon. Therefore Elton John and David Furnish celebrated their tenth WEDDING anniversary this year. Woo Hoo.



The first country to offer full marriage benefits to homosexual couples, as enjoyed by the smiling bride and groom, was the liberal-minded Netherlands. This law came into effect on the very interesting date of 1 April 2001. {} Four couples were married on that day by Job Cohen, the Mayor of Amsterdam, who told them: “There are two reasons to rejoice: You are celebrating your marriage and you are also celebrating your right to be married.” {}

By 2003, neighbouring Belgium had followed suit. In the United State there was a case going the courts called Goodridge v The Department of Public Health, originally brought by 7 same-sex couples in April 2001. {}

Last century there was advocacy for marriage equality in Hawaii and Vermont, which led only to civil unions in the latter. It would be Massachusetts, home the first white…

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