Share Your World – 2014 Week 47

List at least 50 Things You Enjoy.  Here are some categories to inspire your thinking.

  • Activites
  • Writing letters, sketching, painting, taking photographs, sharing these, studying, driving
  • Restaurants
  • Thai Patong II in Newtown Sydney. There is a Thai Patong in the better part of the street that is twice the price, this one has the same quality food for less. The atmosphere is a little more “real”… not polished. I also love Korean food, but it has to be in a Korean restaurant, not in a food court. I also love Correlli’s restaurant/cafe in Newtown for late night deserts and coffee. Although they do make a fabulous slow cooked Lamb hot pot. I love turkish food too, so a good turkish restuarant is in Enmore called Ottoman. They have belly dancers! DO you get the idea I like my food?
  • People
  • I have many friends that are varied in sex, orientation, type and age. I love each one for him or herself in different ways. I love how supportive they are, and I love that they can give me constructive criticism without fear or favor.
  • Foods
  • I eat anything! not too fussed on chillis or overly spicy food, but anything at all, if I am hungry, I will eat it. Favorite main meal, Slow cooked Lamb or pork with all the roast vegies. Favorite Breakfast cereal; something with wholegrains and nuts, no sugar. Favorite Sandwich; off the bone ham with salad, but it has to be cos lettuce, not iceberg. Favorite desert that I have ever had is Tamarillo Fruit, halved, with good quality Vanilla Ice cream, topped with Raspberry sauce.
  • Games
  • This game that we are all playing called LIFE. See one of my earlier posts for the rules.
  • Drinks/Beverages
  • Hot Drink is Mocha. I was spoiled because I used to live near a bakery who for their mocha coffee they melted chocolate buds in the milk as they heated it. No powder or syrup can match the real thing.
  • Cold Drink;
  • I do like thickshakes… either chocolate or coffee flavoured, or Bitters, Lime and Lemon squash.
  • Alcoholic drink; I dont drink much at all. I stick to Light beer, either Cascade or Hahn…both Australian local beers.
  • Desserts
  • Well, I mentioned my favorite above, but I also like the warm mud brownies with vanilla Ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce that I get from Correlli’s about 11pm after a night out.
  • Paintings;
  • The one I am painting at the time. LOL. so many I don’t know where to start. I tend to appreciate unknown artists more than paintigns that are unobtainable. I bought a lovely little watercolour up near Yamba of a fishing village which remains my favorite art acquisition.
  • Web Sites
  • I don’t have a favorite website, other than WordPress of course. I use the web as a tool, not entertainment.
  • Writers
  • Tim Winton, Bryce Courtney, David Malouf. All great Australian writers. I never got to meet Bryce courtney before he passed away this year, but I had the pleasure of meeting David Malouf, and look forward to soon meeting Tim Winton, who I believe is a genius. Of course I do like some of the words that come from my keyboard at times too. LOL
  • Famous lines from books/movies
  • How about a famous line from a song. “Who am I to blow against the wind?”. Paul Simon

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