We sometimes use words and terms in different ways.
The word embellish in conjunction with the word truth to imply that someone is in fact telling a lie.
The Miriam Webster definition of the word is

1 :  to make beautiful with ornamentation :  decorate 2 :  to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details :  enhance

So to embellish the truth is can be used to “tart it up a bit”.
That is what I have done in this extract is a letter I wrote to a programs co-ordinator to inform her that I am unable to attend creative writing and art classes next week. I just thought I would have some fun with it.

Regrettably I must continue to toil, to labour, to strain. I must produce an income for myself in order to keep the wolves at bay, shelter over my balding head and a blanket to cover my body as I sleep.
I must continue to pay the producer of the food, the farmer, the factory as I am without means to produce it myself.
I must “make hay while the sun shines”; grasping onto every opportunity to put a coin in my pocket. Such rattling of coin soothes my heart and stops panic or anxiety.
So I go without the simple pleasures of life; those which involve social intercourse with others who hold the same interest. I forgo the opportunity to converse with others who take pleasure from the written word or the painted page. In fact the only time I get to capture images now is at dawn, prior to entering the dark labyrinth that is the modern shopping centre. I toil sometimes in the early hours and into times of night that most sane men sleep.
I travel far and wide to earn the almighty dollar which my government says i need to survive.
I regret however that I shan’t be able to attend the creative writing class again next week, nor the art class.


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