The Apples

Catherine looked up through the branches and leaves to see an abundance of apples hanging down. She lways thought apple trees were deciduous. She was mistaken.

The young teen stood on her tiptoes to reach an apple just beyond her outstretched fingers. She jumped and clung tightly to the apple, bending the whole branch with apple still attached as she landed  on the green grass below. She used her free hand to hold the branch while she gave a quick twist, so the fruit would come free. She pulled the leaves from the remaining short stalk and did what many a child before her had done. Catherine grabbed hold of the small stalk and twisted the apple in a clockwise direction, one, two, three, until the stalk was removed from the apple. She smiled to herself. “That’s 3 boyfriends that will fight over me”, she thought.

Catherine looked at the rich redness of the fruit and saw her face reflected in its surface. Still she polished it till it shone. She inhaled the sweet perfume of the apple before she used her crooked teeth to bite  through its skin and into its flesh.At once the delight on her face turned to horror and she spit the chunk of fruit to the ground. She looked at the apple, still clasped in her hand. Catherine hadn’t noticed the small dots on the surface of the fruit before. These small dots were where the fruit fly had injected the eggs which became the larvae and worms which now were evident in the remaining portion of the “Red Delicious” she held in her hand.

Catherine dropped what was left and looked under the tree for any other apples that may have been shaken loose in her attempt to remove this one from it’s life-force. Having found one, she inspected the surface, saw some dots and polished the apple on her woolen cardigan.

“Perfect”, she thought.

“Jeremy!” She yelled out to her younger brother. She spied him in the sand pit playing with his trucks where he usually was.

“Do you want an apple?”


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