For those who haven’t heard, or are not aware of Australian news; Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby was released on parole today from a Bali prison. The media frenzy was horrific. Regardless of her guilt or innocence, Schapelle has served her sentence. She has been released but now is not free to move around because the media will not leave her alone. I am disgusted that when signing her parole paperwork, and meeting her parole officer, the curtains were fully opened to allow the media to feed off any images they could get. On the news tonight, I even saw the guards filming her release on mobile phones, obviously to sell the recordings to  the highest bidder amongst the media.

We have again made a convicted criminal a national hero, as we did with Ned Kelly, and others throughout our history. My personal opinion is not important, what must be admitted by us all is that she was convicted under Indonesian law.

I am relieved that Schapelle has finally been released from prison. My plea to the media, is to let the poor girl have some privacy and peace.



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