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The most significant event of my last week was being diagnosed as Diabetic. No longer can I enjoy the medicinal morning mocha, having to make do with the curing cappuccino (with one sugar) instead. Its funny, about 6 months ago I thought, I really should do something about my diet, and since then have not eaten a lot of biscuits, and soft drink doesn’t pass the threshold of my house; although I have a coke zero when I go out. It was only AFTER I took these measures did my blood sugars go up. hmmm. my advice, keep eating the bikkies. (cookies).


I am one of four boys in my family. I was the only one NOT named after someone significant within the family. Although my names are David Andrew, my family was not particularly religious. I don’t know why I was given these monikers. Perhaps my mother just liked the names. Perhaps I resembled someone she knew.


fat david



OK, its time to admit it. As a teenager of the 70’s I was indeed an ABBA fan. From year 7 through 10 in high school, a bunch of us would go into the music room, and play and mime to ABBA songs, even making satirical lyrics to them, for performance at our annual show night.


Mind you, when out of the influence of those boys, and with other friends, I developed a more healthy like for AC/DC and the ANGELS like any self respecting Aussie teen of the time. My father sadly had an influence in my musical styles too, and I was a fan of Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. Quite a mix really. In High school, I sang and played brass instruments, but never felt inclined towards big band, orchestral music, or jazz; the three styles mostly associated with brass instruments. Should I have been a teen in the 90’s I would almost positively would have been a ska fan and muso. I love it!

There is a peek through the open door which is my life. Enjoy, cringe and laugh with me.

Thanks to Google images for the pics


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  1. Sounds to me lkike your father was a good influence on you. 😉

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