The Daily prompt question was which of three super powers would you like

1. Ability to travel through time

2. Ability to understand and speak all languages

3. Ability so solve conflicts

My first thought was I would like the power to be able to dry every tear of anger, hatred, hurt and pain, and to increase tears of Joy.

Then I thought I could be selfish and ask for no pain for myself, to be healthy and whole. Then I thought that perhaps my first thought is selfish as well, because if there were no tears of pain etc, it would make my heart glad too. Mutually beneficial maybe.

I possess a great super power already. I have the ability to love. It really is part of all of us, you just have to look deep inside to find it, then it takes practice to perfect it. Go on, try it, when you spread love, you will feel like superman.

To be able to travel through time?? why, yesterday has past and can no longer influence your future. The future should not be worried about because what will happen, will happen. Live in today! to somewhat paraphrase a famous person and book. Why worry about the future, today has enough challenges of its own.

To speak and understand all languages? Then we might hear somethings we don’t want to, and understand some things we weren’t meant to. I find the learning of languages easy and often shock people by speaking back to them when I overhear them saying something not incredibly nice about another…perhaps they will be more careful who is within earshot, or even watch their words.

To be able to mediate between two arguing parties would be nice, but wouldn’t it be nicer if they could work it out for themselves, without need for intervention.

Nah, I have decided, I don’t want a super power. I think our creator has done a wonderful job making us just as we are. Its up to us to make the most of what was given.


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One response to “Superman!

  1. Greg

    Wise words !! And those with super powers seem compelled to wear their underpants on the outside………doesn’t install a lot of confidence !!

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