Depression Day

This morning I woke, depressed, and anxious because  I was going to undertake some new work in art that I don’t have confidence doing yet. So I remained depressed. A friend texted me to see how I was and I told him that I was battling depression. But then I realised the way to do it is not to battle it, but just let it happen. I was trying to do what I tell others not to do all the time; that is make sense of my depression so I could overcome it.

Again I must state that you cant try to reason emotions logically. Sometimes you just have to let them happen, then when that emotion is finished, you can move on. I cancelled the plans I had for the day (that were causing me to be anxious) so I could let my emotions run their course. Then I got on with doing tasks that I knew I needed to do. By letting the emotions run in the background, I could use my brain to accomplish other things. I made a mental list of some of the physical things I needed to take care of, that is eat, drink, do the washing etc. I was still depressed but at least  I was functioning.

I know I haven’t expressed this extremely well, but I hope someone can make sense of it and it helps someone understand what is happening for them and how to deal with it.


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  1. Greg

    I think you have expressed it beautifully ! I want to write like you when I grow up.

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