I used to work with abused and neglected children, right from the very time they were removed from the abusive situation until appropriate accommodation could be found for them. We once had a set of parents at the door demanding to see their children whom had been removed from them by the welfare department (with great cause, I add). I was called upon to diffuse the situation, so we wouldn’t have the children cowering in the bedroom, under the bed, trying to get away from the parents who had abused them. In the end I was able to organise supervised access visits for them, and able to prepare the children for these visits emotionally and mentally.

Unfortunately at a later point, these visits had to be terminated, and the parents denied further access. After the children had been moved from our care to another suitable agency, the parents again arrived at our door, this time with a shotgun; putting not their own children’s lives at risk but the lives of other workers and children at the premises. I couldn’t placate the father however, and had to call police after he loaded the weapon.

I do hope the parents of these poor children finally received the psychological help they needed to live more peaceful lives.

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