What is the definition of Success? It depends on what you value in life. Many people think that having money equates to being successful. I disagree.

Kerry Packer, who before he died would have been called a successful businessman. Yet when asked the question “How much money is enough?” answered “Just a little bit more.”

Are you doing what you wish to do? Work life balance is what I consider important.

Am I successful? Yes. Since doing a mindfulness course, and again reading Ezekiel 3, I have found that striving after things to be futile. I am doing what I like to do. I am an artist and writer, with a little photography on the side. I am content in what I have and what I can achieve.

I champion the cause of the disadvantaged, doing what I can to protest, and provide for those who have less than me. I hope I treat all those I meet with the same degree of respect that is deserved by every human being.

I am a person of humble needs. As long as I have food on the table and a bed to sleep in, and some degree of good health, then I am happy.

The Australian Philanthropist DIck Smith is one that I consider truly successful. He achieved his fortune and fame providing electrical components and small electrical goods in the early 1980’s. From there he started doing what he wanted. He is an adventurer who travels the globe in a helicopter. He is an advocate for justice. He sticks up for the underdog and fights for the Australian farmer. He fought for greater safety in civil aviation in Australia, and is a champion of conservation causes, having started the Magazine and retail stores Australian Geographic.

here endth the lesson


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