Happiness and Purpose

A wise man recently shared with me that his understanding of what makes us happy is

1. Someone to Love

2. Something to Hope for

3. Something to do

Someone to love does not mean EROS love, as in sexual, but PHILO, a deep understanding and admiring. This is a love which when all else fails, that is there.

Something to hope for… what is your purpose in your life?

Something to do… How do you go about achieving your life’s ambition?

I once believed that I needed to surround myself with beautiful things to be able to be happy. That is not now the case. I think now that to be happy, you need to be able to see beauty, when beauty is hard to find. In a world full of horror and ugliness, see the innocent, the sweet, the pure. I have seen and possessed both beautiful things and ugliness. I can now discern the difference.

My life’s purpose now, has become to share life’s beauty with others. To share love, where there is hate. To share comfort where there is pain. To share colour, where all around is grey or black.

I have been given the gift of creativity. I have the ability to create beautiful things, whether that be art, or photography, or writings. I can create an atmosphere of peace and love by my attitude and personality. This is my “Thing to do”.

Sometimes, especially when I am suffering from depression, I can lose focus of my goal, I can NOT do the things I ought and do things I ought not do. It is during these times, I call on the love of those around me, to encourage me to live true to self; to achieve what I set out to do.

My hope for you, is that you too can find happiness.

“Seek and you will find”.Image


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2 responses to “Happiness and Purpose

  1. angieefiorella15

    Love it. This is what I need now. Thanks

  2. Very good, Dave. I try to see beauty in things, but sometimes it’s hard. Except the spring flowers, which are certainly beautiful @ the moment and for the next few months.

    It’s easier when you have a beautiful day in winter, like today.


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