About 35 years ago, I wrote down some words, re-arranged them and out popped a poem. It wasn’t good, but it was a way to express what I was feeling inside. I half wrote some stories, and put on paper what I couldn’t say out loud; My frustrations at the injustices in the world, my social conscience. It was a way to expose the hypocrisy of my life, living straight when I was gay.

I also dabbled in oil painting when I was young. A lot of it also was bad, but some not so. I found I had talent then.

I forgot about my creative side in an endeavour to make a living, provide for a wife and family, and keep an ailing music business going.

About 5 years ago, I chose to change my lifestyle. I withdrew from “normal” society to rediscover myself. After the reams of paper were blocking the door, and paintings piling up next to the wardrobe became too much, the hunger and thirst for knowledge within me grew uncontrollable. I enrolled at Australian Catholic University with my first course being Australian Literature.

As part of the Uni course, we as students had to start a blog. So it was originally developed as a requirement for the course but my writing and art has developed into something that others now enjoy besides myself.  The blog has become a way that I can share my thoughts, my words and my brushstrokes with others.


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