More teenaged poetry

Most of us write bad poetry as a teenager which, at the time, we think is brilliant.

I had previously shared one with you called Conviction before Trial… dated about May 15.

Here is another, which shows that I was probably suffering from depression way back then too, just undiagnosed.

Feeling Sorry for Myself.

I don’t know why

But I’m so lonely I could cry

I’ve got friends around

But when you need them

They’re nowhere to be found.

My family’s out having a good time

And for all they know I could be committing a crime

Luck has it, I am just sitting here writing

When they are out drinking and biting

into nice food

I’ll feel sorry for them the morning after

But when they have all the fun

They expect me to fetch and run

So how can I feel sorry for them

Put them to bed, put the pigs in the pen

Tell me how, and I will do what I can

To teach me to become a family man

When I get older I’ll not drink, smoke or swear

I’ll just sit at home, and think I will care

I’ll care what happens to my family and me

And I’ll start to build a family tree

So when I’m older and getting grey

My kids will teach theirs to kneel and pray

A respectable family I will grow

And with the knowledge that I know

I’ll bring them up that way

So they can look forward to a rainy day.

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