Possible link between Ludwig Leichhardt and Remembering Babylon?

I was listening to conversation hour with Richard Fidler on ABC 702 Sydney in my car this morning. Dr Darryl Lewis has written a book called “Where is Dr Leichhardt?” As I was listening, I was wondering if David Malouf did some research on the treks of Ludwig Leichhardt to write Remembering Babylon? Leichhardt’s journeys seem very interesting and the mystery surrounding his disappearance are fascinating. Perhaps Linda (MermaidBlues) could do some research and blog it. You should be able to listen to the podcast on the ABC website http://www.abc.net.au/local/sites/conversations/?section=article


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3 responses to “Possible link between Ludwig Leichhardt and Remembering Babylon?

  1. it’s good to see all Michael’s passion and hard work has not been wasted and you continue to apply yourself to innovative schemes. By the way have you received any acknowledgment for successfully completing the 12 week course?

  2. This is an old one, Dave, but I feel like commenting now.

    I might do some research on Ludwig Leichhardt. I would like to link Francis Webb’s dramatizations of his life as an explorer, with Patrick White’s explorer character in Voss, always linking it back to the real man. After all, fact is stranger and often more interesting than fiction.

    At the moment, my time is of the essence, so I suggest if you want to read more about him, here’s a good link:

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