The Golden Age: Loius Nowra

I have submitted my essay on this play but I neglected to acknowledge something which I will attempt to rectify here.

In my essay, I pointed out how difficult it is for those different from the society they are trying to join, to assimilate into that society. I also highlighted that often the society is not willing to have anyone enter that would upset the equilibrium, ‘rock the boat’, challenging the way we think and even our fundamental beliefs.

I failed to acknowledge that there are some who strive to adjust, whether it be to accept the one who is different, or to adjust to fit in; thus accepting all those others who are different.

There are two characters in the play who do just this. One is Dr William Archer, who being thoroughly fascinated by the group, accept them, and interprets for them without trying to change their personality or language. On the other side, there is Queenie. She tries so hard to fit into the polite society, dressed in finery and perhaps mimicking the behaviour of the gentle ladies with whom she has come into contact.

It should be noted that Queenie Ayre has brought the group to civilisation because she can see the demise of her little group of people. She has tried to assimilate to offer a role model for the youngsters in the group, most notably Betsheb; who is defiantly holding to old ways.

It should be said that society did try to accept these people into the mix. It was their health and their inability to cope with disease that civilised man had thrust on them that was their demise. Betsheb acknowledges the attempts in the last line of the play when she says “Nowt more outcastin'”.



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4 responses to “The Golden Age: Loius Nowra

  1. Hello Dave. I think your blog has captured the essence of Louis Nowra’s The Golden Age extremely well and your essay will do exactly the same. Please accept my apologies for not making it to your presentation night. Had a short stint in hospital and not quite up to getting out and about today. I wish you all the very best for the future. Pursue your passions and life will reward you.
    Best wishes

    • Hi guiseppe,
      Thanks very much for your good wishes. Wil email via frances to give you a copy of my essay, and other things. Get well soon my friend. Dave

    • Hi Geoff,
      I heard from Frances yesterday that I achieved an overall mark of 83% which is a distinction for Australian Literature.
      I also have a few of my artworks on exhibition in the coming weeks.
      I hope you are well.

  2. I believe that you understand the dialoge very well in golden Age. Specially you expain the character Queenie Ayre. When the two visitors Peter and Francies came to talk with the group of people in Scene 5, Queenie Ayre introduce everyone in the group to the two visitors. She is a nice lady and tries to use limited language to expain what is happened here and tries to communicate with the two visitor and Melorne. Well done, dave! You give me pieces of mind to understand other characters. Thank you very much!

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