© Dave McGettigan April 2011

The dawn is breaking

My head is aching

Hungover again


I lay here thinking

If it weren’t for my drinking

Would you still be my friend


I’m trying to recover

 From the loss of a lover

My heart will not mend


The money’s all gone

Nought left to pass on

Not a cent left to spend


I’ve drunk my last drop

I vow that I’ll stop

My will, will not bend


To be sober ‘s my goal

For mind and body to be whole

And to others I will tend


I look forward to the prize

Of seeing love sparkle in your eyes

And we’ll be together to the end.





Filed under literature

3 responses to “Relections

  1. Hi David,

    I am also one of MG’s literature students, studying at ACU in Strathfield. Firstly, I think it is incredibly brave to put your thoughts and feelings onto such a large form of media. Whether it was a personal experience or just a way of expressing someone else’s feelings, I admire what you have written. I think the simple rhyme scheme is clever and powerful. After reading a few more of your entries, I strongly encourage you to continue with your talent for writing and I hope to see much more in the future!

    All the best,


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  3. Hi Dave,
    Thank you for this poem which I can say reaches out and speaks to me. I like the goals of the subject to be physically and emotionally whole and to see the love of the one he cares for returned to his life in response to conquering his demon ie: The bottle.


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