Storylines I am working on

When David Malouf spoke to my Uni class last week, he mentioned that sometimes he would come up with a line, or an idea for a story and say “That is not a story for me to write”.

I have had a few of those recently.

Perhaps it will trigger something for someone else, and you can use these lines to begin a best seller. If you happen to, mention me in your thanks for the Booker, or in acknowledgements in your book. You can have them for free.

1. “I know who you are, and I know what you’ve done, so don’t mess with me, or you will find yourself behind bars again real soon”

” If you did know all about me, you will also know, that I was exonerated, given an apology and a large sum of money from the DPP. So don’t fucken make threats you can’t keep”. “Oh, and by the way, when you send someone to do me over, you need to make sure they are capable of doing the job, and that they wont testify against you when charges are brought for inciting violence, or grievous bodily harm”.

2. ( This could actually be included with the first) He flips open his phone. “We have been compromised. One person to neutralise. Then get me out of here before the cops arrive”. He turns to the cowering bloke in the corner. ” And you keep your mouth shut, or you will be leaving here in a bodybag”.

Then aside into the phone “yes I know he will but he doesn’t know it yet”.

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  1. A great selection of story lines…. I am intrigued to see which one will come to fruition in WordPress: keep me posted Dave

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