The Crimson Rosellas

The Crimson Rosellas

Part of a series I have just finished on Australian Native Birds


02/05/2013 · 8:47 pm

4 responses to “The Crimson Rosellas

  1. Your painting looks like a water painting.The bird standing on the top of the branch is looking right side. The bird standing in the middle is looking left side. And the bird on the bottom is standing still and looking at me. (smilling)
    You use the red and blue color to paint the two bird and use the green color to paint the bird on the top. I guess that the same color birds are couple and the green bird is the child.(smiilling) You also the light color to paint the background and make the whole painting fresh. I like your Australia native bird painting and give me fresh breath. Thank you.

    • how observant you are qizhuang. The juvenile, or baby bird is indeed the green one. These birds are very common in NSW, especially in bush areas. I spent a year in a bush camp recently and fed the birds jam portions. One would come twice per day for his jam. He was taught by someone before me to whistle in a certain way so we could distinguish him from the others. The camp is closed now, the grounds are overgrown, and the wildlife returned to the bush. The landscape wins over man again.

      • You have a lot of experience about the birds before you paint them. I am glad that you can go for camping in the bush and know the birds a lot and can distinguish one bird from others. I did not recognize that you are so interested in birds. Good Jobs! I learn much more from you. I am also happy that people are keeping the landscape for wildlife.

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