Remembering Babylon: The changing of Jock McIvor

David Malouf’s use of language in the passage that appears on pages 97 & 98 of the book Remembering Babylon show that he wishes to express a continuous idea. Jock is finding it difficult to put into words the feeling he is experiencing and thoughts he is having. Jock wants to express his awe at being a part of creation he is just now discovering… on his own… “apart from his group of friends”. There is no us in this passage, it is a solo observation and awakening in Jock.

My first impression, as an artist and writer when reading this passage, was “How do I paint that?” I want to capture the thoughts and feelings within the passage and somehow make it understandable for all, for the illiterate, for the child, for those who can’t read this passage in their own language. It is a project I hope to work on.


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2 responses to “Remembering Babylon: The changing of Jock McIvor

  1. I wrote my essay about Jock McIvor. It is right when you say “it is a solo observation and awakening in Jock”.David describes that Jock have peaceful and happy feelings through the birds and the thread of water and the boots and the air and the leaf.The writer wrote “tangling,untangling and running free”. the words sounds like music and brings his feelings to real life.I like the passage on page 98 and 97.

    • oh qizhuang, you have highlighted something i did not before realise. The analogy of the water dripping down, “tangling,untangling and running free”
      could be Jock’s life as he sees himself. Like the water, his opinions, thoughts, actions etc, all were as part of the community, part of a family but now he himself is untangling and running free. Well done qizhuang, be sure to include this analogy as part of your final essay. It is a good one.

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