Rant or comment in response to predigital commentary of Down in the Dumps.

Oh yes sir, not just the computer but all types of technology are responsible for the social isolation of the masses. Look at Facebook. If you want a friend, you ask someone and they will invariably say yes. It doesn’t matter if you have ever met the person. Nobody talks anymore. How many of us know our own neighbours?
 I am fortunate where I live near a cafe that takes down your first name when you order, and you are not treated as a number. The whole neighbourhood drinks there and has breakfast or lunch so we get to meet each other. But others are not so fortunate. They can ride the lift with someone for years, but not know their name: just perhaps the blue suit that gets off on the 9th floor.
 “Its so funny, that we don’t talk anymore”. This line was in a pop song of the 80’s but just how prophetic was it? Would the writer be shocked all the more so at society today.
We don’t have lawns or gardens, which we share along with cuttings and seeds with the next door neightbour. We live in boxes, with the door closed and the air conditioning or the heating going, to mimic natural temperatures outside.
Nobody visits each other. Nobody writes letters. If you want to know what is happening in someones life, you look at their Facebook page or read their tweet.
You sir, name yourself Predigital, sometimes I wish I truly was.


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One response to “Rant or comment in response to predigital commentary of Down in the Dumps.

  1. Greg

    Hey Dave, I fully agree with you. That’s why there no facebook page associated with the Guys group. It is a social group with real people not a social networking group with pretend friends. That’s my rant !!! G.

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