New post of old work

I have decided to post some of my previous works onto my blog. Some of these are published in various places. Some are coming out in a sort of collection or anthology of “writings from the inside” later this year. Others yet to be published; looking for a publisher. If you know of a good, kind generous publisher… grab onto him and keep him a secret… they are hard to find.

Describe sunset to a blind person


When describing sunset to a blind person, one must take into account what other senses the blind person has, and utilise these.

Instead of using words to describe it, I would use music and temperature in harmony with each other. I would also not just describe the sunset, but describe the entire day using these mediums, and at the where sunset comes in; I would say “sunset is like this”…

Using music, one would be wise to use instrumental pieces as words would only confuse the subject.

Starting with dawn: use the tune “Thus said Zarathustra” by Bach.

Then increase the tempo and volume to a lively waltz to denote morning, bringing in “flight of the bumblebee” to represent the busyness of midday.

For early afternoon, I would use “Mad World” opting to use the Garry Jules version instead of Tears for Fears.

Winding down the afternoon, decreasing volume would be represented well firstly by “Song for Guy” by Elton John.

Then sunset with the introduction of “Ferry across the Mersey” in particular the version by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

The night could then be brought in by the music of the famous 1970’s movie “Bilitis”.

TO denote the end of night; the quiet before dawn, “Memories” from the musical “Cats” would be a good choice.

In using heat and wind to represent the times of day, in conjunction with the music; at first light… use ice and a fan. Coming into dawn, remove the ice and slow the fan. As morning progressed, use the fan and gradually introduce a heat source; increasing the temperature going into midday, then decreasing as the afternoon comes in. The fan at midday would be off, then again introduced increasing speed as the afternoon progresses, and decreasing again at sunset, until it was on gently for the night. As the heat source is decreased into the evening, the ice is again introduced gradually, or temperature decreasing as the night progresses.

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