Marcus Clarke’s “Adam Lindsay Gordon” essay 1876

The  question is “Is there a link between Marcus Clarke’s appreciation for the Australian Landscape…and Judith Wright’s wish not to ‘chisel things into new shapes’?”

The colonialist’s desire was to change Australia into a “Little England” not only in reality but also in a literary and artistic sense.

Marcus Clarke desired to show the beauty and the “not so beautiful” that is the Australian Bush. He has a desire not to change a thing, but to enjoy what is – not what it could become.

Judith Wright also had a desire to leave unchanged what she saw, but to embrace what is.

The poet can understand the landscape by becoming part of it.





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2 responses to “Marcus Clarke’s “Adam Lindsay Gordon” essay 1876

  1. It is interesting link between Judith Wright and Marcus Clarke. I agree not to change the landscape.In England, there is beautiful national fower emblems in England, but wattle tree andwaratah in Australia have golden colour shining. The Kangaroo can not walk but jump very fast.Emu can not fly, but can run very quickly. They are popular Animal in the world. Comparing the emblems and wattle flower, wattle flower means gold and emblems is symbol. I think that there is a link between the gold rushes in 1850s and wattle flowers.

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