First ceramic class

Here is the piece I designed and painted at my first ceramics class today


It will be fired in two weeks. Then I will see if I want to do more of the same design.

Added 17/4 finished piece.


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4 responses to “First ceramic class

  1. The plate is very cute. Do you make the plate yourself and then paint it? I like the color of plate, because it has the similar color as the web page.haha.The green colour is warm and sweet and light. The two bird is very popular in sydney. Once i saw a lot of them on the trees on hey street in china town with my mum. They are lovely bird.

    • The Birds are Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. They are sometimes referred to as Galahs. I recently did some paintings of Australian Native Birds. This plate was still along those themes. I am now doing a canvas with the same design, for submission to the Pyrmont art prize.

    • I used the green to portray the colour of the Australian bush. I didnt make the plate, just designed it and painted it

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