DP Challenge 2AM Photo

I have opened the MMS to find a photo of my dog Jessie.

The last time I saw Jessie was when I let her out to use the bathroom at about 11pm, 3 hours ago. I had heard her whimpering by the back door and figured she needed to relieve herself, as many a dog does at all hours of the night. After I opened the door for her, I left the laundry door open where she could sleep comfortably on an old blanket I kept in there for her to rest on during the day.

The phone beeped again, informing me of an incoming text message. The number was from a modem, not a phone, so it would be no good trying to call them and make sense of this whole thing. I opened the message…

“If you want to see Jessie again, bring $70 and your cute butt to “All Thai’d Up” restaurant at 6pm”.

I smiled. This could only be one person. My boyfriend William was going to pay for this. I dialled his number.

“Very funny William”, I said “what gives?”

“Well, if this is the only way I can get you to take me out to dinner then so be it. Don’t worry about Jessie, she and I are going to have our hair and nails done, to look pretty for you at dinner tomorrow night. Just bring the money ‘cause after treating Jessie and me to beauty makeovers, I can’t pay for dinner too.”

“Thanks William, I love you.” I hung up, rolled over and pulled the blankets up. Its going to make breaking up with William even harder now.


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One response to “DP Challenge 2AM Photo

  1. Short, sweet and bitter. I like the way it changes direction three times in such a short time: kidnapped dog, rom-com and then a break-up. Really good.

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