A few Haiku… just for fun


An old petal falls

A flower shrivels, dies

Winter has arrived


Gusts of wind not seen

Reeking havoc on nature

Branches split from trees


A flower blossoms

Sun brightens, insects emerge

Springtime has arrived


Many trees uprooted

Waves breach the sand barrier

Storm evidence seen


Large spent  gum-nuts fall

From old man eucalypt trees

Crunch break underfoot


Paperbark layers

Fall, collected by children

Small hands can scribble


Raindrops tumbling

Creating water puddles

Wet children frolic


Water trickling down

Mountains make tall waterfalls

Shatter scatter pool


Wildflowers blossom, bloom

Amidst desert dryness grow

Defiance displayed


Consider insects

Constant movement never still

Labour together


Reeds border deep ponds

Birds find refuge, rest

Shadows shelter fish


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3 responses to “A few Haiku… just for fun

  1. You have a way of using words that focusses on the essentials David. These are fabulous. I liked especially the “Wildflowers”. I can see that this course is giving you space to really express your creativity. Great work!

  2. Your writing David is beautifully evocative, your words display a real and subtle appreciation of the natural world. You are obviously an observant individual very much in tune with nature.

    • Thank you very much for your kind encouragement. I hope to include some of my writings here each week. I believe if you become a follower (If indeed I am a worthy leader) you will be notified each time I post.
      I am kind of new to this whole world of blogging and until recently all of my works were done on a typewriter or by hand. I also do some visual art which i intend to include on the page.

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